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Charles Darwin

The most comprehensive website dedicated to the life and work of Charles Darwin is, as its name suggests, The Complete Works of Charles Darwin Online.

This not only includes extensive bibliographies, but also transcriptions of all his major works.

Other Darwin websites include:

Darwin 200


Darwin Correspondence Project

The Victorian Web

Books about Darwin include:

Kelly, Andrew and Kelly, Melanie (ed) Darwin: for the love of science Bristol Cultural Development Partnership 2008 – published especially for Darwin 200.

Aydon, Cyril Charles Darwin Constable 2002

Bowler, Peter J Charles Darwin: the man and his influence CUP 1996

Browne, Janet Charles Darwin: voyaging Pimlico 1995

Browne, Janet Charles Darwin: the power of place Alfred A Knopf, Inc 2002

Browne, Janet Darwin's Origin of Species: a biography 2006

Clark, Ronald W The Survival of Charles Darwin: a biography of a man and an idea Weidenfeld and Nicholson 1985

Desmond, Adrian and Moore, James Darwin Penguin 1992

Eldridge, Niles Darwin: discovering the tree of life W W Norton 2005

Goldsmith, John Voyage in the Beagle Chatto & Windus 1978

Hands, Gill Darwin: a beginner's guide Hodder & Stoughton 2001

Huxley, Julian and H B D Kettlewell Charles Darwin and his World Thames & Hudson 1965

Keynes, Richard Fossils, Finches and Fuegians: Charles Darwin's adventures and discoveries on the Beagle HarperCollins 2003

Mayr, Ernst One Long Argument: Charles Darwin and the genesis of modern evolutionary thought Allen Lane 1992

Miller, Jonathan Introducing Darwin: the strange case of Charles Darwin and evolution Icon 2006

Moorehead, Alan Darwin and the Beagle Various editions

Myerson, George Darwin's Origin of Species: a beginners guide Hodder & Stoughton 2001

Nicholas, F W and Nicholas, J M Charles Darwin in Australia Cambridge University Press 2002

Quammen, David The Kiwi's Egg: Charles Darwin and natural selection Weidenfeld & Nicolson 2007

Ridley, Mark How to Read Darwin Granta 2005

Tort, Patrick Charles Darwin: the scholar who changed history Thames & Hudson 2001

 Darwin: for the love of science (Bristol Cultural Development Partnership 2008) – published especially for Darwin 200.

Darwin: for the love of science (Bristol Cultural Development Partnership 2008) – published especially for Darwin 200.

Websites on evolution include:

BBC GCSE Bitesize

National Center for Science Education

Natural History Museum

PBS Evolution

Understanding Evolution

Books on evolution include:

Dawkins, Richard The Selfish Gene (30th anniversary edition) OUP 2006

Dempster, W J Evolutionary Concepts in the Nineteenth Century: natural selection and Patrick Matthew The Pentland Press 1996

Dennett, Daniel Clement Darwin's Dangerous Idea: evolution and the meanings of life Allen Lane 1995

Godfrey, Laurie R What Darwin Began: modern Darwinism and non-Darwinism perspectives on evolution Allyn and Bacon 1985

Haught, John F God After Darwin: a theology of evolution Westview Press 2000

Humes, Edward Monkey Girl: evolution, education, religion, and the battle for America's soul HarperCollins 2007

Scott, Eugenie C Evolution Vs Creationism: an introduction University of California Press 2004

Weiner, Jonathan A Beak of the Finch: evolution in real time Jonathan Cape 1994

Books on other related topics include:

Carroll, Joseph Literary Darwinism: evolution, human nature and literature Routledge 2004

FitzRoy, Robert A Narrative of the Surveying Voyages of HMS Adventure and Beagle between 1826 and 1836 Vols I and II Folio Society 1977 reprint

Gribben, John and Mary FitzRoy: the remarkable story of Darwin's captain and the invention of the weather forecast Review 2004

Healey, Edna Emma Darwin: the inspirational wife of a genius Headline 2001

Hordern, Michael Mariners are Warned! John Lort Stokes and HMS Beagle in Australia 1837-1843 Melbourne University Press 2002

Jones, Steve Almost Like a Whale: The Origin of Species updated Doubleday 1999

Keynes, Randal Annie's Box: Charles Darwin, his daughter and human evolution Fourth Estate 2001

Lyell, Charles Principles of Geology Penguin 1997 reprint

Slotten, Ross The Heretic in Darwin's Court: the life of Alfred Russel Wallace Columbia University Press 2004

Thomson, Keith Stewart HMS Beagle: the ship that changed the course of history Orion 2003

Tree, Isabella The Bird Man: the extraordinary story of John Gould Random House 1991

Walters, S M and Stow, E A Darwin's Mentor: John Stevens Henslow, 1796-1861 Cambridge University Press 2001

Wedgwood, Barbara and Hensleigh, Cecil The Wedgwood Circle 1730-1897: four generations of a family and their friends Studio Vista 1980

Darwin: a graphic biography (Simon Gurr).

Read an interview with Eugene Byrne and Simon Gurr, the author and illustrator of Darwin: a graphic biography. You can find out more about Simon’s work on his blog.

Books for children about Darwin include Kristan Lawson Darwin and Evolution for Kids: his life and ideas (Chicago Review 2003), Anna Nilsen's The Amazing Voyage of Charles Darwin (Little Hare, 2003), Fiona MacDonald Inside the Beagle with Charles Darwin (Book House 2005), David C King's Charles Darwin (Dorling Kindersley, 2006) and Alan Gibbons' Charles Darwin: discover the world of Darwin through the diary of a ship's boy (Kingfisher 2008).

Darwin's Footsteps
Darwin's Footsteps

Go to the Rolls-Royce website and follow Charles Darwin around the world in an online game for seven to 11 year olds.

Ruth Padel
A Voyage Round Charles Darwin

The poet Ruth Padel, a direct descendant of Charles Darwin, was commissioned by Bristol Festival of Ideas to write a collection of 20 poems inspired by Darwin’s life and work. These were published in a limited edition book in December. One a day will be available to read on-line from 1 February on the Festival of Ideas website. Ruth is appearing at Aye Write! in Glasgow in March.

New Books
You can download copies of the Darwin 200 e-newsletters from the News page of the Darwin 200 website. These include details of new books about Darwin.

A Lost World Read 2009 banner in Bristol city centre depicting Darwin.

A Lost World Read 2009 banner in Bristol city centre depicting Darwin.

Fossil display in a South Gloucestershire Library.

Fossil display in a South Gloucestershire Library.

Fossil display in a South Gloucestershire Library.

Part of the The Lost World display at Bristol Central Library.

Dinosaur footprints